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4 Top Tips for Getting the Most Money When You Decide To Sell Furniture Online

People put up their used furniture for sale because of different reasons; to sell and buy a fashionable one, when moving out, or to declutter the storage unit. When the owner decides to sell furniture, they want to get the best possible deal. But that’s not what always happens because buyers want rock-bottom prices for used furniture. When you’re looking to get the most money out of your used furniture, here are the tips to follow:

Figure out value before you sell furniture

If you’ve decided to sell your used furniture, take the time to determine its value. For instance, if it’s still in prime condition, figure out how much it should truly cost. You never know, your furniture may have been made by a renowned manufacturer, and that could well add value to it. To determine the right price for your furniture, scour the internet to find out the different price tags of the same furniture. Also, do your research offline. Check out newspapers and other offline advertising materials and channels to check the price of similar furniture. After that rigorous research, you’ll have an idea of the true value of your furniture.

Sell furniture at the right price

This is the most difficult part of selling your furniture. You don’t want to set too low a price for your furniture. Also, you don’t want to overprice. Overpricing will scare off potential customers. The trick is to be reasonable when setting the price for your used furniture. You might have great memories of your furniture, but unfortunately, the customer is not interested in those memories. You might have a customized couch to sell, that’s great. But the potential customer will not see any value to it. And the new generation of customers is so sharp enough that they will know if you try to set a price that doesn’t reflect the value of the furniture. When setting the price for the used furniture, also consider aspects, such as dents, scratches, and stains. And make a point to include those details in your description.

Think up the right method to sell furniture

You have two options when it comes to selling your furniture; offline and online. You can choose one or use both. If you decide to sell online, there are steps you need to take to sell it. First, you must take high-quality pictures of the furniture from different angles. And second, include your contacts to motivate interested customers to contact you. Even if you sell furniture online, some buyers will insist on seeing the furniture for real. Always transport the furniture to a neutral place, not in your home, if that’s the case.
You can also sell your furniture to a convenient store. You just need to contact them, then they will come to inspect it, and if they feel they can make a profit out of it, they will pick it and pay you. Although this is a convenient way of selling your furniture, you won’t get the best price for it.
You can also rent out a showroom for people to see it and buy it. You can get a tidy sum this way.

Be a good negotiator to sell furniture for a tidy sum

You will always have to negotiate a price with a prospective buyer for your used furniture because it’s not new. The buyer is looking for the best possible deal, and so are you. Therefore, you need to convince the buyer that they need to buy at your price. This way, you can get a decent sum out of your furniture.


Getting the most money out of your used furniture boils down to how you negotiate the price. But to know the right price, you have to consider all the tips highlighted above. The bottom-line is to set a price that you and your customers will be happy with.

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